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Chadwick Manor      Security - Woodlawn, MD

About Chadwick Homeowners' Improvement Association


The Chadwick Homeowners' Improvement Association (CHIA) was established to better improve the Chadwick Manor Community in the Windsor Mill area of Baltimore County. CHIA was reorganized, restarted, and rejuvenated in 2004.  Several neighbors got together to discuss ways that the community could improve by having the residents get together as a group to discuss the changes and challenges facing the Chadwick Manor Community.  From this small group meeting, flyers were developed and distributed to all the houses in the community and regular meetings were started and held each month. Currently, meetings are held every other month. Since one of the initial group members was a member of the community church, Christ the King Episcopal Church, the church immediately offered space in its community center for our meetings.  Officers were elected, a general mission established and initiatives were discussed.

The mission of CHIA is to foster a sense of community among neighbors, businesses, and others who live, work and play in our neighborhood. CHIA is a non-partisan, non-commercial, non-religious and non-profit association established for the mutual benefit and civic needs of all who live, do business in, and visit the Chadwick community.  CHIA’s vision is to energize and instill in the residents and others the value of maintaining a safe, healthy and enriching community environment.  The goal of CHIA is to provide a forum for all in our community to address issues and recommend ways to improve the community in order to make it the best place to live, work and play in Baltimore County.

CHIA strives to:

  • build a sense of community among neighbors
  • provide a forum where the Chadwick Manor residents can work together
  • provide information on zoning codes and regulations that impact the neighborhood
  • address incorporation/bylaws guidelines
  • provide information regarding issues that might impact the neighborhood, such as the Red Line
  • design, publish and distribute a quarterly newsletter
  • provide a community platform where ideas and solutions can be discussed and agreed upon
  • network with and solicit support from government officials and agencies
  • join with other nearby neighborhood associations to form a unified front
  • plan community events
  • work on issues of community safety
  • work to beautify the neighborhood with clean-up and yard sales days
  • work towards a better and safer traffic flow through the neighborhood.

Recent programs and activities include:

  • Promoting the Chadwick neighborhood
  • Encouraging community safety
  • Partnering with a police liaison
  • Collaborating with Baltimore County representatives
  • Soliciting funds for community projects
  • Obtaining new aprons and gutters for community sidewalks
  • Encouraging and recommending removal of dead and unsightly trees
  • Establishing a garden club
  • Promoting beautification and clean-up with annual clean-up days
  • Arranging and implementing special programs and entertainment for community activities
  • Monitoring and sharing information regarding state, county, and local legislation uniquely affecting the community
  • Serving as Secret Santa for neighbors in need.

These programs and activities are designed to help foster a community atmosphere allowing ideas and talents to be recognized and unique cultural backgrounds to be celebrated.

Direct participation in all CHIA programs and activities is highly encouraged. Since CHIA is comprised of residents, businesses or leaders from the Chadwick community, all recommendations, planning, implementation, and evaluations can be done by anyone in the neighborhood. Residents make suggestions/recommendations; they plan how to implement the same; they set-up the activities; they evaluate the success of the program. For example; the annual clean-up/flea market. Resident volunteers help to develop an advertisement for the event; they help to plan how the event will be scheduled; they see that the schedule is followed; they attend the event by providing tables with goods to sell; they buy from others who participate; they help to clean up after the event. The clean-up/flea market provides socializing and mobilizing of residents in the neighborhood. They get an opportunity to engage in activities that provide support for the community.


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Community Association (CHIA) Meetings


Every other month on the second Tuesday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Episcopal Church of Christ the King
1930 Brookdale Road
Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Meeting Dates for 2020:
Jan 7
Mar 10
May 12
July -- No meeting
Sept 8
Nov 10










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