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Chadwick Manor      Security - Woodlawn, MD

About the Chadwick Manor Community

Chadwick Manor, a quiet residential community developed in the early 1960's by Ralph DeChiaro, has 387 houses. It is located in the western side of suburban Baltimore, MD. The planners designed American domestic style cape cod, ranch, split-Level, and two-story homes with large rooms. The community has single stand-alone homes as well as semi-attached ones. A few of the houses have basements, but most do not. Although there are two-story houses in the development, It is one of the few communities in the Baltimore area that has a number of ranch style homes with no stairs or steps.

The Chadwick Manor Community lies just outside the Baltimore Beltway. Located behind Security Square Mall, off of Security Blvd, it is conveniently close to two of Maryland's largest employers: the Social Security Administration (SSA) Headquarters and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Headquarters, both of which are on Security Blvd. In addition, the Maryland and Delaware Headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is located nearby. Chadwick Manor is located in Baltimore County, is part of the Woodlawn Community, and is served by the Windsor Mill Post Office (ZIP code 21244). It is located outside the Baltimore Beltway on both sides of Security Blvd and is bounded by Rolling Road on the east, Rt 70 and Fairbrook Road on the south, Winder Road and Greengage Road on the west and Munford Road on the North. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) occupies the land northwest of Chadwick Manor.

The proximity to the beltway and Route 70 makes Chadwick Manor an ideal place to commute from.

Map of Chadwick Manor

Chadwick Manor/Woodlawn is within the Northwest Sector of Baltimore County where the county is actively working to keep the communities updated and viable through county funding and regional planning.


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Community Association (CHIA) Meetings


Every other month on the second Tuesday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Episcopal Church of Christ the King
1930 Brookdale Road
Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Meeting Dates for 2020:
Jan 7
Mar 10
May 12
July -- No meeting
Sept 8
Nov 10










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